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Commemoration of Sinai Liberation Day

There are events in history that stand out as turning points that change the course of countries’ lives. The Liberation of Sinai is one such event in Egypt’s recent history. Egyptians are extremely proud of this significant accomplishment, which required bravery, sacrifice, and tenacity. It is celebrated every year as Sinai Liberation Day.

Israeli Occupation

Because it is strategically important and has a lot of history, the Sinai Peninsula has been an important part of Middle Eastern affairs for a long time. After the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel took over the Sinai Peninsula, forcing thousands of Egyptians to leave their homes and claiming control over the area. But the years that followed were full of fighting and stress, which led to the Yom Kippur War in 1973. 

October War and Liberation

It was during this war that Egypt and Syria attacked the Israeli occupation troops on the Sinai Peninsula and the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

The liberaton of Sinai
Stamp of 1986, commemorating the 4th Sinai liberation Day

Egypt attacked the Israeli troops from across the Suez Canal on October 6, 1973, and destroyed their fortifications along the eastern bank of the Suez Canal named the Bar-Lev Line. This started the October War, or the Yom Kippur War. The war lasted for weeks and killed a lot of people on both sides, but Egypt’s resolve to take back Sinai stayed strong.

Negociation and Peace Agreement

A ceasefire deal was reached after a lot of diplomatic work by the US and the USSR. This made it possible for peace talks to begin. Egypt and Israel signed the famous Camp David Accords in 1979. These agreements set the rules for peace in the area. As part of the deal, Israel decided to pull its troops out of the Sinai Peninsula. Additionally, Egypt regained full control over the area, ending years of occupation. Moving Israeli troops out of Sinai was done in steps, with the last troops leaving in April 1982. This completed the process of giving the land back to Egyptian control.

The liberation of Sinai wasn’t just a military success; it was also a diplomatic and political victory. It showed that Egypt cared about peace and security in the area. Today, Sinai Liberation Day, is a reminder of how strong and determined Egypt has been when things have gone wrong.

Egyptians get together every year on April 25 to remember this important event. All over the country, there are official celebrations that honor the people who gave their lives to free Sinai. There are speeches, military parades, and cultural events. The Egyptian flag proudly flies, showing that the country is strong and united.

Catalog Reference: Yvert & Tellier 1307

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