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New Moroccan Neighbourhoods: Morocco 1954

In 1953, the Moroccan post administration under french control issued a series of fours stamps that describe new Moroccsn neighbourhoods in four different cities, MeknesRabat, Casablanca and Fedale (today named Al Mohammadia)

Morocco 1954: Meknes

Morocco 1954: Agdal Neighbourhood in Meknes


The Yakoub El Mansour district in Rabat

The Yakoub El Mansour district, is a popular district of Rabat and one of the five districts known in the 1950s. The situation of this district at the beginning of the 1950s is described in the article “The indigenous suburb of Rabat” in a issue of the newspaper “Les Cahiers d’Outre-Mer “from 1950.

Morocco 1954: Yakoub el Mansour Neighbourhood in Rabat

The Ain choc district in Casablanca

The stamp below shows an aerial view of the Ain chock district in the city of Casablanca. The aerial photo shows the Great Mosque of Ain choc built from 1945 to 1946. The engineer (Edmond Brion) designed and completed the Great Mosque which was considered at the time to be the largest mosque in Morocco. It is a religious and administrative complex which includes, in addition to the mosque, a Koranic school, offices for the Adouls (Notaries of Muslim law), the residence of an imam and some gardens inside and in the exterior of the mosque.

Morocco 1954: Ain Chock Neighbourhood in Casablanca

El Aliya district, Fedala (Al Mohammadia)

The harbour, at what is now Mohammédia, was originally named Fédala (فضالة). The name of the city changed in 1960 in honour of the king Mohammd V.

Morocco 1954: El Aliya Neighbourhood in Fedala (Al Mohammadia)

Those stamps were issued in profit of Franco-Moroccan solidarity works. 


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