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Morocco 2019: 20 years of reign of King Mohammed VI

The Moroccan Post issued a commemorative sheet marking the twentieth anniversary of King Mohammed VI’s seat on the throne of the Kingdom of Morocco.

20 years of reign of King Mohammed VI
20 years of reign of King Mohammed VI

The card carries two postage stamps with a value of 9 dirhams each, one of which shows the king in traditional Moroccan dress and the other shows the king in European dress.

At the bottom there is a set of drawings in golden ink depicting the most important economic achievements during twenty years of reign of King Mohammed VI , and they are from left to right:

The Buraq train: which is a high speed train linking Tangiers, the northern city with the cities of Rabat and Casablanca, with speeds that may exceed 300 km per hour.

Morocco 2019- 20 years of reign - First Day Cover
First Day Cover – 20 years of reign – KIng Mohammad VI

Moroccan satellites: Morocco launched two satellites in November 2017 and in November 2018 under the name “Mohamed VI A” and “Mohamed VI B”. They are two French-made satellites that are able to take accurate pictures of the Earth and use For economic and development purposes, for espionage purposes, and for monitoring national territory

In the center of the picture, large fans used for wind power generation were added, a technique widely used in the region of Tetouan and Tangier in northern Morocco and the region  of Tarfaya in the south.

In the lower right of the image is a drawing of the new suspended bridge located in the east of the city of Rabat over the Abou Raqraq River, which is part of the express ring road that wraps east of the city of Rabat and allows the traveler between the north and south of the kingdom to continue on his way without entering the capital.

In the center-right of the image, a drawing is added to symbolize the solar energy power plants. This drawing may symbolize the Nour-Ouarzazate project, which aims to produce 580 megawatts of electricity, making it the largest solar energy project in the world. King Mohammed VI inaugurated the first phase of the project at the beginning of 2016. Morocco aspires to cover more than 40% of its energy needs using renewable energy sources.

The designers of this memorial card have neglected important and strategic achievements, such as the establishment of the Tangier Mediterranean Port TangerMed, which has imposed itself as one of the important container ports in the Mediterranean sea, as well as the very wide network of highways (motorways) that have extended to connect the north of the Kingdom with its south from the city of Tangier to the city of Agadir through all the cities of the Mediterranean coast to the city of Casablanca, then the city of Settat and Marrakech, and also linked the west of the kingdom to its east from Rabat to Fes and Meknes then Taza and Oujda near the Algerian border.



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