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The Rally of Monte Carlo, an attractive competition

Rally of Monte Carlo 1961
  Map of the 1961: Rally  itinerary from STockholm to Monte Carlo

The Rally of Monte Carlo is one of the world’s oldest and most famous car races. The race is held every year in January in the French Alps, which are a mountainous area. It draws some of the best drivers and teams from all over the world.

History of the Rally of Monte Carlo


The Monte Carlo Rally has been going on since 1911, when the Automobile Club de Monaco put on the first “Rallye Monte-Carlo” as a test of strength for car makers. The rally was made to show how reliable and long-lasting the cars being made at the time were.


Stamp of Monaco: Rally of Monte Carlo 1962
Stamp of Monaco1962 : Rally road map from Oslo to Monte Carlo.

It became a famous and very competitive event very quickly.


Over the years this rally became a real test of skill and endurance for both the drivers and their cars. Usually, there are several stages in a rally, and each one takes place on a different type of surface, such as snow, ice, or tarmac. Drivers have to deal with difficult mountain roads and weather that changes all the time. In addition, they must keep the speed and accuracy needed to fight at the highest level.

Rally of Monte Carlo, a leader in the world of rallying

Stamp of Monaco Rally of Monte Carlo 1963
Stamp of Monaco 1963: Road from Warsaw to Monte Carlo

Many improvements and changes to the sport were introduced for the first time in the Monte Carlo Rally. Progressively, the competition became a leader in the world of rallying. For example, the rally was the first to use time limits and special stages. It has also been a leader in putting in place safety measures to protect both drivers and onlookers.


One of the most interesting things about the Monte Carlo Rally is how many different cars and drivers take part.

Stamp of Monaco: Rally of Monte Carlo 1964
Stamp of Monaco 1964: the rally road mao from Paris to Monte Carlo

The rally brings together drivers from all over the world, whose cars come from a wide range of brands and styles. From the powerful and well-known cars of the World Rally Championship to classic and vintage cars, every racing fan can find something to enjoy.

Rally of Monte Carlo, a unique experience

The atmosphere and energy of the Monte Carlo Rally is another thing that makes it stand out. People come from all over the world to watch the rally and cheer on their favorite drivers. The atmosphere is electric with energy and anticipation. From the start to the end line, the rally gives both drivers and fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Stamp of Monaco: Rally of Monte Carlo 1965
Stamp of Monaco: Rally of Monte Carlo 1965

Even though the Monte Carlo Rally has a long and storied past, it is still a very competitive and cutting-edge motorsport event. Every year, new tasks and innovations are added to the rally. This keeps the rally at the top of the sport and brings in new drivers and fans.

In the end, the Rally of Monte Carlo is a true motorsports icon and a great example of the emotion and spirit of rally driving. From its humble beginnings in 1911 to its present status as one of the most prestigious and difficult rallies in the world, the Monte Carlo Rally has a long and interesting history that continues to fascinate and inspire motorsport fans all over the world.

Winner of the Rally of 1961

In 1961, 305 teams started the race but only 156 made to the finish. This edition had a big polemic over changes in the rules that favored three teams driving the same car, a Panhard PL 17 Tigre. This was a french car manufactured between 1959 and 1965. A french team composed of Maurice Martin and Roger Bateau won the first prize, while the second and third positions went to a German and second french team.

Winners of the Rally of 1962

313 teams took part in the 1962 edition of the Rally, but only 247 finished the race. The rally was won by Saab 96 icondriven by the Swedish team  composed of Erik Carlsson (1929- 2015) and Gunnar Häggbom. A Mercedes-Benz 220 SE iconwon the second place. followed by a Sunbeam Rapiericon. The Sunbeam Rapier is an automobile produced by Rootes Group from 1955 until 1976. Erik Carlson also won the 1963 edition of the rally in another edition of the Saab  96.

Winners of the Rally of 1963

The Swedish cahmprion Erik Carlson assisted by Palm Gunnar won the 1963 edition of the rally in a Saab 96 Sport Saab 96. This edition of the race had 296 but only 96 managed to reach the end. Two finnish teams won the second and the third position. They weere driving respectively  a Citroën DS 19iconand a Morris Mini CooperMorris Mini Coopericon.

Winners of the Rally of 1964

A british team won the 1964 edition of the rally of Monte Carlo in BMC Mini Cooper S icon. The winners were Paddy Hopkirk  (1933-2022) and Henry Liddon.  The second and third place went to two Swedish teams, driving respectively a Ford Falcon Sprint car icon and a Saab 96 Sporticon. Erik Carlson the champion of 1962 and 1963 obtained the third place.

Winners of the Rally of 1965

The 1965 was also won by a BMC Mini Cooper icondriven by the Finnish team composed of Timo Mäkinen (1938 -2017) and Paul Easter. A Porsche 904 Carrera GTS iconarrived in the second position, followed by a Saab 96 Sporticon. Among the 237 cars that started the 1965 edition, only 35 finished the race.


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