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Morocco 2018: Oujda Capital of Arab Culture

In April 2018, the city of Oujda in the North-east of Morocco was declared as the Capitakl of the Arab culture. A program of more than 900 artististic and cultural activities was announced

Oujda: Capital of the arab culture
Morocco 2018: The city of Oujda

The Morrocan post issued a a commerative sheet with four stamps representing cultural and architectural characteristics of the city of Oujda. The first shows the city Great Mosque, the second the city gate of Sidi Abdel-Wahab, the third stamp is bearing a picture of a woman in the local attire of the city of Oujda and the last bearing the image of the rababa instrument used in popular music in the eastern region of Morocco.

The city of Oujda received the flame of Arab culture from the Egyptian city of Luxor, which in turn received it from the Tunisian city of Sfax. In March 2019, the city of Oujda delivered the torch to the Sudanese city of Port Sudan.

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