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Twinning of Fez and Jerusalem, Morocco 1984

In 1982, was signed an agreement for the twinning of Fez and Jerusalem in Palestine. Morocco issued a postage stamp on this occasion.

Morocco 1984: Twinning of Fez & Jerusalem
Morocco 1984: Twinning of Fez & Jerusalem (YT-961)

In the context of strengthening the relationship between the two cities, the Municipal Council of Fez decided in May 2019 to organize an annual cultural week for Al-Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem).
The Municipal Council also decided another set of steps to support the city of Jerusalem, including:

  • Dispatching students from Al-Quds Al-Sharif to qualify and train Moroccan crafts professions in specialized institutes and schools in Fez.
  • Exchange visits and host youth and cultural activities between the twin cities
  • Provide support to Jerusalem students who wish to study in the universities, institutes and colleges of the city of Fez,
  • and support small projects that can be implemented in Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

The Moroccan Post issued this stamp in 1984 to commemorate this relationship between the two city.

Face value: 2 MAD 

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