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Palestine 1996: Christmas

الملوك الحكماء الثلاثة يقدمون على المسيح الوليد

Christmas has an important place among the holidays celebrated by the Palestinian people by virtue of the presence of Christian holy sites on the land of Palestine in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth.

Since its foundation with the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority, the Palestinian Post has dedicated several issues to Christmas, Easter, and Christian religious symbols.

This card was issued on the occasion of Christmas for the year 1996 and it depicts the three magi kings or the three wise men whom the Gospel of Matthew (chapter 2) spoke about and who went to greet and present gifts to Christ the newborn.

The story of the Three Magi is closely related to the story of the birth of Christ in Christian literature, and their feet are celebrated in many Christian countries in the context of Christmas celebrations. The story says that three men called the three kings or the three wise men came from East to Jerusalem to greet the newborn Christ immediately after his birth and to present gifts to him in recognition of his status. The accounts differ on where they came from, and some say that they came from Jordan or the Arabian Peninsula, while older accounts say that they came from Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) or Iran. And novels say that a shining star guided these visitors from their country to the site of birth

This sheet contains four different postage stamps of 150 fils, and together they form a complete drawing that represent the story.

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