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Egypt 1951: Royal marriage

On May 6th,  1951, king Farouk, the penultimate King of Egypt and the Sudan, celebrated his second marriage with the queen Narriman Sadek, the daughter of Hussain Fahmi Sadiq Bey, a then high ranking official. The Queen Narriman gave birth to the first son of King Farouk and his Heir prince, the prince Ahmad Fuad in January 1952.

Egypt- Marriage of King Farouk & Queen Narriman
Marriage of King Farouk & Queen Nariman

After a military coup in July 1952, or what was called the Revolution of Free Officers, King Farouk abdicated in favor of his infant son Ahmed Fouad and left Egypt for exile. with his wife and some members of his family and his retinue.

King Farouk and Queen Nariman of Egypt
King Farouk and Queen Nariman of Egypt

Few months after the abdication, tired of the lifestyle of her husband, his deceptions and humiliations, the Queen Narriman left the king and returned to Egypt. She divorced in February 1954. The marriage lasted less than 3 years.

The Egyptian postal services issued this sheet to commemorate the mariage of the king. 

YT Catalog reference: BF-4

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