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Landmarks of the city of Cairo 1969

Egypt celebrated the millenary of the city of Cairo in 1969. As part of this celebration the egyptian post issued many sets of stamps. Three of the stamps presented here show landamarks of the old city of Cairo. 

Al Azhar Mosque

Stamp with Al-Azhar mosque
Stamp with Al-Azhar mosque, 1969, YT789

Al Azhar mosque was build with the city of Cairo to become its major mosque. Al Azhar is one of the most mportant mosques in the islamic world. Since its construction, the mosque was used as  a chool to teach the religion. Al Azhar mosque became and remains a university and one the most important center for islamic sciences. The mosque is considered the second oldest continuously existing university in the world after Al-Qarawiyyin University.  Since 1961, the university of Al Azhar has becaome an independent multi-disciplinary university.

The Citadel

Stamp with the citadell of Cairo, 1969, YT787
Stamp with the citadell of Cairo, 1969, YT787
The construction of the Citadel of Cairo was odered by Saladin (Salah Al-Din Alyubi), in the year 1178. after he became the ruler of Egypt and Syria. The Citadel was used as the residence of the rulers and the center of government since its contruction and until the 19th century.

Bab El Futuh

stamp of 1969 with Bab al-Futuh
stamp with the gate of Cairo “Bab al-Futuh”, 1969, YT787

Bab al-Futuh (Gate of the conquest), is one of the oldest gates of Cairo. The construction of the gate finished in the year 1187, more than a century after the construction of the city. The  gate is protected by two imposing round towers connected with a wall above the gate. These towers are an example of the islamic military architecture, with with shafts for pouring boiling water or burning oil on attackers, and arrow slits.

Construction of Cairo in year 969 AD.

In the year 969 AD., the military fatimide leader Jawhar ibn Abdallah known also as Jawhar Al-Siqilli conquerred Egypt. The same year he started the construction of the city of Cairo to become a new capital of Egypt. The construction was ordered by the then Fatimide Caliph Al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah who was established in Tunisia. Later, the Fatimide Caliph moved from to Cairo and made it the capital of his state that spanned over all north Africa and parts of south Europe.  


As part of the millenary celebration, the city of Cairo launched its international book fair that became the most important cultural event in the Arab world.

The three stamps had a face value of 10 Millimes.

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