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The 8th Football World Cup in England 1966

the 8th FIFA World Cup was organized in England in 1966. The event took place from 11 July to 30 July 1966. This edition of the world cup was the first in an English speaking country. England won this edition of the world cup by defeating West Germany 4–2 in the final  at Wembley Stadium. This was the first and only cup won by England.

the 8th FIFA World Cup Stamps 1
The 8th FIFA World Cup Togo 1966-YT-505
The 8th FIFA World Cup - Stamp 2
The 8th FIFA World Cup Togo 1966-YT-506

The theft of the World Cup trophy 

The English Football association received the trophy in January 1966 before the scheduled World Cup tournament in July. In February, Stanley Gibbons’ stamp company received permission to place the Trophy in their Stampex exhibition in March. The trophy disappeared in the first day of the exhibition and a ransom was demanded. A replica was hastily and secretly made by the British Football Association after the original was stolen.
Luckily, less that a week later, a man walking with his dog in southeast London found the trophy wrapped in an old newspaper. 
The FIFA awarded this trophy to Brazil in 1970, as it was their third victory.
The 8th FIFA World Cup Togo Stamp 3
The 8th FIFA World Cup Togo 1966-YT-507
The 8th FIFA World Cup Togo - Stamp 4
The 8th FIFA World Cup Togo 1966-YT-508

Boycott by African nations

Thirty-one African nations boycotted the tournament to protest a 1964 FIFA ruling that required the three second-round winners from the African zone to enter a play-off round against the winners of the Asian zone in order to qualify for the World Cup. The Confederation of African Football (CAF) rejected this rule as unfair. In addition the African nations were protesting the readmission of South Africa  to FIFA in 1963, despite its expulsion from the CAF due to the Apartheid regime in 1958.
The 8th FIFA World Cup Togo - Stamps 5
The 8th FIFA World Cup Togo 1966-YT-509

World Cup Stamps issued by Togo 

Even though African nations did not take place in the 8th World Cup, Togo issued a set of stamps, commemorating the event. The stamps featured a drawing of the Jules Rimet trophy. The set was composed of 5 regular mail stamps and 2 air mail stamps. All the stamps had the mention “England wins the World Cup”.

The 8th FIFA World Cup Togo - Stamp 6
The Airmail World Cup stamp Togo 1966-YT-PA-61
The 8th FIFA World Cup Togo - Stamp 7
The Airmail World Cup Togo 1966-YT-PA-62
Catalgue Reference: Yvert & Tellier Togo stamps 505 to 509 and Togo Air mail stamps 61 and 62.
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