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The costume of the city of Mhardeh: Syria 1963

In 1963 the Syrian Post issued a set of 6 stamps representing women in traditional costumes from different regions of the country. This stamp represents the costume of the city of Mhardeh, a small Christian town northwest of Hama.

Traditional costume from the city of Mhardeh - Syria - 1965 - YT-212
Traditional costume from the city of Mhardeh – Syria – 1965 – YT-212
Shayzar castle - Mahardeh
Shayzar Castle – Mhardeh

In the city of Mahardeh, ancient Greek and Byzantine monuments testify to a rich and ancient history. There are many monuments in Mhardeh, the most important of which is the famous Shayzar Castle, which is located on a rocky fortified hill and is one of the important castles in the region.

There is also a temple in Mhardeh which archaeologists believe to be an ancient Greek building. It is now known as the Church of Our Lady. The city and its region there are also a number of ancient buildings and other Byzantine tombs.

Church Our Lady maharda Church of Our Lady in an ancient Greek building in Mhardeh/caption]

An archaeological expedition working in the area found human traces dating back to the Stone Age, in a cave. They found flint stone tools and knives there, in addition to numerous finds that indicate that Mesolithic humans settled in this area.

This stamp is the third in a series of six costume stamps issued in 1963.

Face value: 50 piastres.

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