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Costume of the city of Mahardah: Syria 1963

in 1963, the Syrian post issued a set of 6 stamps, respresenting wemen wearing traditional costumes of different regions of the country.This stamp represents the costume of the city of Mahardah, a small Christian town in the north west of Hamah. 

Syria 1963 – Costume of Mahradeh
Shayzar castle - Mahardeh
Shayzar castle – Mahardeh

In this city, the old greek and bizantines ruines denote a rich and old history. There are many monuments in Maharda, the most important of which is the famous Shayzar Castle. It is located on a well fortified high rocky hill  and is one of the important castles in the region.

There is also a temple in Maharda that archeologists believe it to be an ancient Greek building. It is now known as the Church of Our Lady. The city and its region have also a number of archaeological buildings and Byzantine tombs, among others.

Church Our Lady maharda
Church Our Lady in an amcient greek building in maharda

An archaeological expedition working in the area found traces of an ancient human being dating back to the Stone Age, in one of the caves, where flint stone tools and knives were found, as well as numerous discoveries indicating that the Middle Stone Age man settled in this area.

The stamp is the third of the series of six stamps about costumes.

Value: 50 piasters.


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