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Costume of the region of Afrin: Syria 1963

in 1963, the Syrian post issued a series of 6 stamps for Air Mail, respresenting women wearing traditional costumes of different regions of the country.This stamp represents the costume of the region of Afrin.

Syria 1963 - The costume of region of Afrin
Syria 1963 – The costume of region of Afrin

The region of Afrin is located in the extreme north-west of the country, on the Turkish border. It is located in the governorate of Aleppo. The Afrin region is diverse in its geography between plains and mountains. The the Afrin River stretches in the region Syria for about 85 km. This river and its tributaries are considered one of the most important water sources for this agricultural region. The population of the region amounts to more than 500 thousand inhabitants, most of whom are Kurds.

The stamp is the last of the series of six stamps.
Value: 65 piasters.3

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