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The Mujahid Day in Algeria

The Mujahid Day in Algeria is the celebration on the August 20th of each year of the 1956 Conference of Soummam and the attack on the northern Constantine 1955.

Algeria 1966: The Mujahid Day YT 428
  The Mujahid Day Stamp- Algeria 1966 – YT 428

The conference of Soummam was a meeting of the leaders of the Algerian National Liberation Fron (FLN) and the founding act of the modern Algerian State. In this congress the leaders of the Algerian revolution adopted a strategy that was a crucial element of success of the Algerian war for independence. 

The Mujahid Day Stamp - Algeria 1966 - YT 429
The Mujahid Day Stamp – Algeria 1966 – YT 429

Algeria became an independent state in 1962, after Eight years of revolution and war of independence.

In 1966, Algeria issued a pair of stamps to commemorate this day.

Value: 30 + 10 Centimes and 95 + 10 centimes.

Yvert & Tellier: #428 & #429.


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