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Indian stamps in Kuwait – 1923

The first known modern postal services started in Kowait after the protectorate agreement between the Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah (1937-1915), and Great Britain.

Indian stamps in Koweit 1923
Indian stamps with “KUWAIT” overprint – 1923 – YT-16

The first official post office was opened in Kowait in 1915. It was dependent of the Indian postal administration. It used India postage stamps of 1902 to 1909 featuring the picture of King Edward VII, without any specific overprints. 

The first specific Kuwaity stamps were issued in 1923. A series of Indian postage stamps issued in 1911, with the picture of King George V, were issued with the overprint “KOWEIT”.These stamps are very rare, as only 24 sets received this overprint.

The same year, the same King George V stamps were overprinted “KUWAIT”.

Indian post administration issued 5 sets of stamps with the overprint “Kuwait”. The

First Kuwaiti stamp 1958
First Kuwaiti stamp- Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah -1958 – YT-128

first three, issued in 1923, 1929 and 1933 with the portrait of King George V. The two last sets isuued in 1939 and 1945 bore the portrait of King Goerge VI.

Staring in 1948 and until the nationalization of the post administration in 1958, Kuwait used Great Britain stamps overprinted “Kuwait”. These stamps bore the pictures of King George VI till 1951 and then pictures of Queen ELisabeth.

In 1958, the government of Kuwait issued the first stamps with a specific national design. These stamps bore the portrait of Shaikh and future prince Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah. These stamps had there value in indian currency “Naye Paise”.

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