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Traditional costumes from Morocco, Region of Msoufa: 1968

Morocco enjoys great diversity in its geographical nature and in local cultures. This diversity is visible in the customs, traditions, cuisine and traditional costumes in the various regions of the country. To celebrate this diversity, Moroccan Post has issued several collections of stamps on traditional costumes. The stamp presented below represents a costume from the region of Msoufa in the south of the country.

Tradiotional costume of he region of Msoufa.
 Stamp on the tradiotional costume of the region of Msoufa -1968-YT-554.

Msoufa is located on the southeastern slopes of the Anti-Atlas Mountains and in particular the Zagora mountain. And it is of a desert nature, despite the presence of agriculture around the course of the Draa River. The largest city in the region is the city of Zagora that became an imortant touristic attraction in the south of Morocco. It is noted for international events such as the Zagora Marathon and the Nomads Festival in M’Hamid. 

Catalog Reference: Yvert & Tellier #554.

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