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Saudi Arabia 1988 – Palestinian Uprising

Saudi Arabia 2000 intifada_1c

On December 8, 1987, an Israeli soldier ran over a group of Palestinian workers at the Erez military checkpoint in the Gaza Strip, which led to the outbreak of protests and demonstrations that developed into confrontations with the occupation forces in the city of Al-Bureij, soon spread to the entire territories occupied in 1967.

This intifada was known as the “stone uprising” for the use of stones by youths to throw at the Israeli occupation forces

In solidarity with the Palestinian people, on July 10, 1988, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued a set of two stamps bearing the phrase “Intifada of the Palestinian People,” and depicting a hand holding a stone against the background of the Palestinian flag, fluttered over a group of demonstrators.

Isuue year: 1988

Value: 75 and 150 halalas

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