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Costume from Djebel Amour in Algeria : 1971

Since 1971, the Algerian post started issuing series of stamps representing costumes of different regions of the country. This stamp represents the costume of Djebel Amour

Costume from Djebel Amour: 1971 - YT - 541
Costume from Djebel Amour: 1971 – YT – 541

Djebel Amour or Amour Range is a set of mountains located in the central area of the Saharan Atlas, in Laghouat Province. In is at about 400 Km (about 250 miles) south of the capital Algiers.

One of the most important towns in the region is Aflou. A town located at an elevation of 1,426 m (4,678 ft), which makes it one of the highest and coldest towns in Algeria.

The stamp is the fourth of a series of 4 stamps about costumes issued in 1971. Its face value is 90 centimes.

Catalogue reference: Yvert & Tellier 541.


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